Information for Presenters

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone in just a few weeks! As you prepare your talks and posters, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Talks must be no more than 15 minutes – we have a very full schedule, and we definitely want to have time for coffee, lunch, and viewing posters! In order to have time for questions at the end of your presentation, you might want to aim for your talk to take 12-13 minutes.

2. The presentation room is equipped with a computer with Powerpoint, and a data projector. If you want to bring your own laptop or tablet, please make sure you have the necessary power cables and adapters.

3. For those presenting a poster, the poster boards are 4×5 feet and use tacks. The posters will be available for viewing on both days of the conference and can be set up as early as 8:30 am on Friday, August 30. Posters should be taken down before the barbecue on Saturday, August 31.


Speaker Schedule now available

Hello everyone! You can now find out who will be talking about what here in Edmonton at the end of August – visit our Speaker Schedule page to see the lineup of presentations. The schedule may change slightly if we have any cancellations, but this should pretty much be what to expect later in August!

There have been a few changes to some of the social events going on during the conferences – all three evening socials will now be held at the Faculty Club on campus.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you have any questions.

Field Trip Update!

UPDATED: Registration for the field trip closed on August 15. The field trip is totally packed! Unless you have registered for the field trip already, please don’t plan on showing up at the university on September 1 – there won’t be any spaces for additional participants. 

We’ve just added a new page with details about the Canadian Paleontology Conference field trip. We’ll be visiting the Danek Edmontosaurus Bonebed on Sunday, September 1.

We are booking a 15-passenger van and spots will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis – please email to let us know if you need transportation to the bonebed. We will also help arrange carpooling down to the site, so if you will have a vehicle while in Edmonton and would be willing to share a ride, please let us know.

Registration for the field trip closes on Thursday, August 15, so if you haven’t done so already, please email to let us know if you will be joining the field trip. More information is available on the Field Trip page.

Registration Update

UPDATE: Registration for the social events and field trip closed on August 15.
Hello again everyone, we have created a Survey Monkey survey to help us collect attendance data as many of you are now registering with us for CPC 2013 and not just the 50th Anniversary Symposium.  The U of A Team, including me, Victoria Arbour, Katherine Bramble, Greg Funston, and Angelica Torices, are now managing most of the onsite organization for CPC 2013 in order to assist Charles Henderson, University of Calgary (more information to follow on abstract submissions for CPC).  As such, keeping everything straight has gotten a whole lot more complicated and we are hoping to collate registrations and information from CPC attendees as well as everyone else.Thus, for those of you have already sent me the Anniversary/CSVP registration form, can you, along with everyone else, fill out the Survey Monkey form so that we have all of our eggs in one basket (For those speaking at the Anniversary Symposium, I will still need your talk titles in advance of the meeting so the regular registration form is still much appreciated).  For all CPC and Paleo Division people on this list, can you please ensure that the following URL for the survey makes its way to all potential CPC attendees.

More than anything, I am concerned for CPC attendees (for whom I do not have a complete mailing list) that we have a reasoned sense of attendance in order to have proper estimates for catering and evening socials.

Michael and the Team


The 2013 Canadian Paleontology Conference will be held in conjunction with the inaugural meeting of the Canadian Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and with the 50th Anniversary celebrations for the University of Alberta Laboratory for Vertebrate Paleontology.

All three events are being held concurrently, from August 29 to September 1. CPC attendees are welcome to attend the 50th anniversary events and CSVP events, but we ask that you fill out a registration form for the 50th Anniversary Symposium in addition to the CPC registration form. You can find both forms on the Registration page.