Field Trip

Registration for the field trip closed on Thursday, August 15. Unfortunately, we can’t add any more people to the field trip at this time – unless you have registered to participate in the field trip, please do not show up at the university on September 1, as there won’t be space for extra participants.

The field trip to the Danek Edmontosaurus Bonebed will take place on Sunday, September 1. UPDATED: Field trip participants should meet at the parking lot located off Saskatchewan Drive in front of the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Building, NOT at the loading dock behind the Biological Sciences Building. Please arrive by 10 am on Sunday. We’ll make sure everyone knows how to get to the bonebed from the university. If you need somewhere to park, the closest and cheapest campus parking is at Windsor Car Park.

new fieldtrip meetup

The bonebed is located about 30 minutes from the university by car, and it takes about 15 minutes to walk to the quarry. We will probably return to the university by 1pm. Feel free to bring a snack to enjoy in the sunshine at the bonebed. After we return to the university, you are welcome to join us for an informal tour of our labs and collections. [Update: Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to offer tours of the labs and collections after the field trip – if you are a visiting researcher and would like access to specimens during the conference, please make arrangements with the appropriate curator.]

The quarry is in a forested area and can be wet and muddy depending on the weather, so don’t wear your nicest clothes!

Photos of the quarry are welcome, but we ask that you don’t widely disseminate the location of the quarry, since this in a publicly accessible area and we’d like to avoid vandalism of the bonebed as much as possible.

The University of Alberta’s PALEO 400 field school takes place at the bonebed each spring – here are a few photos of the 2012 field school!



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