About the Conference

This year, the Canadian Paleontology Conference will be held in conjunction with the inaugural meeting of the Canadian Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and with the 50th Anniversary celebrations for the University of Alberta Laboratory for Vertebrate Paleontology. We hope you will join us as we celebrate paleontology at the University of Alberta, including the launch of our Massive Open Online Course, Dino101. Paleo at the UofA has been in the news a lot lately – check out the feature article in our alumni magazine, New Trail, and this Alumni Spotlight on volunteer Christopher Harrison.

Registration for the social events and field trip closed on August 15. The conference talks and field trip are free to attend. Fees for the Friday and Saturday night dinners will be collected on site at the conference. The Thursday night Icebreaker at the Faculty Club is pay-as-you-go.

Details about the speaker schedule and other events are now available on the Speaker Schedule page. For more information on the trip to the Danek Bonebed, visit the Field Trip page.

All talks and posters will be held in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) at the University of Alberta. Social events will all take place at the University of Alberta Faculty Club on Friday evening.


UALVP 50th Anniversary

An international conference on vertebrate paleontology was held at the University of Alberta in 1963. Following the conference, a vertebrate paleontology program was established jointly by the Geology and Zoology departments. This August, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this landmark conference with a symposium on Friday, August 30.

Collections access: The UALVP collections will be available by appointment on Thursday, August 29. Please contact the appropriate curator to arrange access to specimens:

Dr. Michael Caldwell, Curator of Higher Vertebrates – michael.caldwell@ualberta.ca
Dr. Philip Currie, Curator of Dinosaurs – philip.currie@ualberta.ca
Dr. Alison Murray, Curator of Fossil Fishes, and Curator of Ichthyology (Zoology Museum) – ammurray@ualberta.ca
Dr. Mark Wilson, Professor Emeritus (MOTH locality specimens) – mark.wilson@ualberta.ca
Dr. Richard Fox, Professor Emeritus (fossil mammals) – richard.fox@ualberta.ca


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