A new journal: Vertebrate Anatomy Morphology Palaeontology

Hi everyone – I’m sharing this here on behalf of Alison Murray:

At the CSVP meeting last year, I told you I would like to set up a new journal. The journal, Vertebrate Anatomy Morphology Palaeontology, is now in existance, although no articles are published yet. I was hoping to have an inaugural issue with exciting articles to read before I announced this, but my timing has not worked. I hope to have the first issue appear in the new year.


The journal is 100% free (no cost to authors or readers) as it is hosted on OJS (Open Journal Systems) which is supported by a consortium of  universities. I hope you will consider sending appropriate articles to the journal. It will be properly peer-reviewed, and eventually I will apply for it to be assessed for an impact factor (this cannot happen until the journal has been in existence for two+ years). As articles come in, I will be asking for people to join the editorial board to handle manuscripts in their area.

We could also do with a nice logo and cover suggestions – but of course, in the spirit of free, I will have no money to pay any artists!

best wishes,